Ann Sacks

On every level, ANN SACKS aspires to be the place where you feel most comfortable with beautiful tile and stone.

There’s always room for more beauty.

A Truly Unique House of Design

Our vision is very simple: To bring you, all under one roof, a world of unsurpassed artistry, craftsmanship and quality in our choice of designers, materials and styles.

Custom Service and Creativity

Because no two rooms—or dreams—are alike, ANN SACKS always leaves the door open to fresh ideas, collaboration, creative suggestions, and custom solutions. It’s the hallmark of our work.

The openness starts in your ANN SACKS showroom and follows every step of the way. Nothing is set in stone until you feel comfortable.


Address: 1616 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1H4

Phone: (604) 742-2015
Fax: (604) 357-1659



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