Giorgio Armani is pleased to announce the opening of the Armani/Casa store at 1656 W 2nd
Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1H4, Canada.

The underlying concept behind the Armani/Casa store (135 M2) is to create a distinctive
atmosphere through a combination of products that range from furniture and furnishings to
accessories, décor and fabrics – for both day and night zones – carefully selected for their
compatibility in terms of shape, material and colour, and all displayed within a bright but softly
lit environment.

Around the entire perimeter and within the space itself, the spaces are defined by double
sheets of fine, platinum-coloured metal mesh spanning the entire height of the walls, an
impalpable element that creates subtle divisions between the various settings, just like a
design studio. The dynamic, streamlined design of tables and displays underlines the sense of
a constantly evolving project, a living environment and bold creativity. The main colour is
platinum, with its soft, stylish look, contrasted here and there with the red and bottle green
tones of objects and accessories. Elegant and fluid, the general effect is one of luxurious
freshness, which is characteristic of the brand.

Armani/ Casa Vancouver offers a wide range of unique, elegant, and luxurious pieces which
emphasize traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail, as well as many iconic limitededition
pieces such as the Logo lamp signed by Mr. Giorgio Armani.

Founded in 2000 by Giorgio Armani, Armani/Casa is a world leader in the luxury furnishings
sector. A byword for elegance and style, it stems from Giorgio Armani’s living dream of a warm,
harmonious, highly comfortable and sophisticated heaven. Furniture and furnishing
accessories, objects, lamps and exclusive fabrics are the key points in the Armani/Casa
collection. Kitchen and bath systems subtly merge stylistic features and technology. Armani/
Casa places an Interior Design service at the disposal of those who wish to create the perfect
Armani environment. Over the years this service has acquired increasing versatility, focusing its
stylistic experience on pleasing the most demanding clients.
Armani/Casa has a total of 41 stores in 29 countries. The stores are located in the world’s
major cities, including: Milan, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, Shanghai,
and Beijing.

Address: 1656 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1H4

Phone: 778-957-227