Aurelia Jewels

Ralph Tober of Aurelia Jewels is an accomplished jewellery designer and goldsmith.  The custom jewellery pieces are made by Ralph in his own studio near Granville Island in Vancouver.  The experience begins in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere with an introduction to some of Ralph’s creations in the showroom, along with images and hand drawn sketches of the fine jewellery that he has made for his clients.  Ralph then discusses the designs that have captured your imagination and helps you explore your ideas to create an expressive piece of jewellery that makes a statement about you.

Next, with great care and expertise, Ralph selects from his collection of gemstones or sources the diamonds, gems or pearls that will be incorporated into the jewel and begins designing.  When the sketches and quotes are done, the client is invited back to the studio so Ralph can explain what he has in mind and discuss his client’s wishes further.  When the design is decided upon the work begins in the studio where Ralph meticulously crafts every jewel to the highest standard of the goldsmith’s tradition.  The result is a truly enjoyable experience and a beautiful sophisticated and meaningful piece of jewellery made just for you.


Address: 1731 Fir Street, Vancouver, BC V6J 5J9

Phone: (604) 737-2973
Fax: (604) 737-2915