Chocolate Arts

Chocolate Arts crafts chocolates daily in small batches using the finest ingredients available. Our creations begin with the very best raw chocolate from producers in Belgium & France, many of which are single origin chocolates. Each is prized for its unique flavor, aroma, and characteristics. For our fillings, absolutely no colorings, additives, or anything artificial is used whatsoever. All purees, concentrates, essences, most dried fruits and flavored alcohols are house-made.

Chocolate Arts has always been committed to sustainable & organic agriculture. Most produce we add is locally grown, nurtured by organic growers who approach their craft with the same passion as we do ours. This ensures you’ll enjoy only the most succulent chocolates – made with natural and delicious temptations like wild blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, blueberries, hazelnuts, pears, pumpkins, and peaches. We strive to create chocolates that truly do capture the spirit and flavor of British Columbia & the Pacific West Coast.


Address: 1620 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1K2

Phone: (604) 739-0475