Edzerza Gallery

Alano Edzerza has been featured in 9 major shows. In October of 2007, Alano had his first solo show at Stonington Gallery in Seattle, where he featured new pieces in glass, jewelry, stone, steel and limited edition prints.

In August of 2008, Alano celebrated the grand opening of Edzerza Gallery with Black Ice, a study in grayscale art of the Northwest Coast. He has followed up on this success with other shows, including The Gift of the Raven in the summer of 2009. It raised almost three thousand dollars for the Vancouver Foundation in 2010.

With the arrival of the Olympics to Vancouver in 2010, many doors of opportunity have opened for Alano. He was commissioned by Vancouver Olympic Committee to create a large scale glass installation at Rogers Arena. ASICS and the Dutch Olympic Team also contracted him to help design their uniforms for the 2010 winter games. Since then Alano has been involved in many commissions, including law firms and development projects on traditional native land.

Alano’s latest project is Edzerza Sports, a new line of performance sportswear featuring his take on the art of the northwest coast. Alano continues to grow as an artist as well as an entrepreneur, expanding his gallery and evolving his artwork.

By appointment only.


Address: 982 Park Royal S, West Vancouver, BC V7T 2W4

Phone: (604) 731-4874

Email: info@EdzerzaGallery.com

Website: www.edzerzagallery.com