Patisserie Lebeau

Patisserie Lebeau was founded by Olivier and Penny Lebeau in 1995. Born and raised in Belgium, Olivier Lebeau went through 3 years of rigorous apprenticeship training as a professional Pastry chef, and Penny graduated from the California Culinary Academy.If you’ve ever stopped by our Kitsilano bakery (our first store) on a Sunday, you’ve seen the line-ups spilling onto west 1st avenue. The Brussels waffle, the centerpiece of our weekend menu, has been such a hit since we first opened our doors on Cypress Street back in 1995 that our loyal customers are willing to wait in line for our standout signature treat.

Over these last 12 years, Patisserie Lebeau has helped turn Vancouverites into waffle connoisseurs. That’s appropriate, because Belgians themselves take their waffles very seriously (they eat over two billion of them a year, so they better). And so do owners Olivier and Penny Lebeau. With so much demand for Belgian waffles in the city, and with such a steady appetite from their clientele, Olivier and Penny started a manufacturing plant at Burnaby in addition to the retail store on west 2nd Avenue, Vancouver. Starting from 2005, the artisanal Liege waffles they serve at Patisserie Lebeau are packed carefully and reach out to more customers through the fine local retail stores. Our customers can conveniently purchase the Liege waffles at Stong’s Market, Whole foods Market, Choices Market, Nester’s, Caper’s, etc.


Address: 1728 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1H6

Phone: (604) 731-3528