Robert Allan Ltd.

Robert Allan Ltd. is Canada’s longest established firm of consulting naval architects, based in Vancouver since 1930, and has been based in the Armoury District since about 1990. This internationally recognized firm provides commercial vessel designs and related consulting services to a worldwide client base. The company are acknowledged world market leaders in the design of high-performance tugboats for tanker escort, terminal support operations and general ship-handling services. The company also provides specialized designs for fireboats, ferries, inland tug-barge transportation systems, patrol and research vessels, icebreakers, crewboats, pilot boats and many other diverse vessel types.

The company also provides expertise in analyzing technical and financial aspects of a broad range of marine operations and marine systems design.

Robert Allan Ltd. is a 100% employee-owned firm of ≈90 staff, committed to providing the very highest standards of marine design services to our many clients and to the men and women who work on these vessels in often difficult circumstances.

Address: Suite 230, 1639 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1H3

Phone: 604-736-9466