In SwitzerCultCreative, our mission is the discovery, promotion, marketing and development of modern, original designs for living. In our Vancouver Showroom and Gallery we are passionate about showcasing both established brands and new innovative collections of furniture, lighting, accessories and textiles.

Our vision for our flagship showroom is to provide the opportunity for designer brands new to Vancouver and western Canada to flourish and grow. Our client services team under the leadership of Adam Bellas places the highest value on customer focused relationships where the satisfaction of our clients is the highest priority.

We strive to offer a carefully curated grouping of home furnishings that are of high quality, authentic design in a friendly and fun atmosphere.


Address 1725 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1K7

Phone: (604) 736-3020

Email: showroom@switzercultcreative.com

Website: www.switzercultcreative.com